Those who abuse drugs and alcohol are their victims.

Drug and alcohol addiction are rather common in today’s culture. Various estimates place the prevalence of drug addiction in the United States at around 20%. alcoholism or drug addiction in a guest post

Alcoholism and drug abuse cause destruction, anguish, and pain not just to the addict but also to the others in their lives. Friends, family, and job situations are all impacted by drug addiction. Employees who battle drug or alcohol addiction harm businesses, create unpleasant and occasionally unsafe working circumstances, and negatively impact productivity.

Many erroneous myths still exist regarding the origins of drinking and drug addiction. Some people make an effort to pinpoint which social groups are most negatively affected. Others attempt to define drug and alcohol abuse as either an illness or a moral failing. These urban legends have unnecessarily stoked guilt, fear, and confusion. No specific societal group is untouched by alcoholism or drug addiction. There are effects on every race, gender, and socioeconomic group. Having unfavourable stereotypes about or being fearful of drug users is useless. All people eventually face challenges in life and need help from others. Just like everyone else, alcoholics and drug addicts are human. Addiction to alcohol or drugs is not something anyone chooses; instead, it claims lives.

What Are the Signs of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse?

There are signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug addiction. A sample of these is listed below:

  • hands that are cold or clammy
  • concentrating problems
  • gloomy, impatient, reckless, or violent behaviour
  • sudden alterations between pals
  • Dishonesty
  • Depression

For every five drug users who work, two also use narcotics illegally while doing so. Unsurprisingly, usage of drugs or alcohol has a role in close to 50% of accidents at work.

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