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About Us

Meet More You is a social activities platform where anyone can organize and post a social activity, and target the demographic of people they would like to attend. Usually these are people similar to them. Thus, Meet More You helps you MEET MORE people just like YOU.

Meet More You is ideal for making more friends. (1) Organize and post a social activity for your hobbie, special interest or even just a happy hour after work. (2) Set the location, age range and topics of interest (or keywords) for the activity and/or the people you'd like to meet. Thus, you can do the activities you love, meet more people similar to you and make more friends.

What are social activities? Unlike other events, social activities must be hosted by individual(s) who will facilitate the meeting up and socializing of attendees. Basically, it solves the problem of "I want to do that, just not alone." This is what makes social activities different and more attractive than just any event.

We have both a web app (for desktops, tablets and mobile browsers) and mobile apps (Android and iOS). We launched in the Summer of 2018 and are currently focused on piloting in the San Francsico Bay Area.

Signup & login (registration)

Signup via Email. All fields are required. You will need to validate your email before you are allowed to perform major tasks (e.g. such as posting a social activity).

Signup via Facebook. You will not have to create a password or validate your email address. Your email, name and photo will be imported from your Facebook account.

Registration Details. A few additional fields are required to complete your registration. This information is NOT displayed to the public. It is only used to helps us send you invitations for social activities that match your profile and preferences. These fields include your age (month & year of birth), location (region or city & state) and a few topics of interest.

Login. If you signed up via Facebook, you will need to login via Facebook. If you signup via Email, you will need to provide your email address and password.

Forgot Password. When you click the Forgot Password link (under Login via Email), a new random password will be generated and emailed to you. Use this to login. Then go to Settings (click on your photo in the main menu) and change your password.

Find activities

Browse & Search. From the main menu (for pc's this is in the header in the upper right, for mobile devices this the three bars in the upper left), click on Social Activities, and then Browse & Search. It will default to list all upcoming social activities. These filters are available to refine your search:

  • Start Date. Social activities that will start on or after this date.
  • Distance. Social activities that will take place within ___ miles of ___ (region or city & state).
  • Interests. Social activities that include one or more topics of interest. The Clear Interests link will display social activities from all topics of interest.

Your Activities. From the main menu, click on Social Activities, then Your Activities. These include social activities that you have posted (i.e. that you are organizing and hosting), that you have RSVP'ed to, and past activities that you have attended.

Invitations. When a social activity is posted matching your demographics and/or topics of interest, you may receive an invitation to RSVP for that social activity. If you received no invitations within the last 7 days, then you should get an email/notification for "Upcoming social activities in your area." A few upcoming social activities will be randomly selected and suggested to you. You can opt-out of these emails and/or mobile notifications with the link inside the email or updating your Settings (click on your photo and select Settings).


Join or Maybe. When you Join a social activity, your RSVP is Yes. When you click on Maybe, your RSVP is Maybe (or Undecided). If your RSVP is Maybe, the organizer has no obligations to accommodate you at the social activity. Change your RSVP and commit to going (Join) or not (Remove). This helps the organizer to plan accordingly.

Adding friends (Pluses). If your RSVP is Maybe, you are NOT allowed to add friends/pluses. Once you Join (RSVP yes), you will be allowed to add friends/pluses. Click on the Add Friends button to accomplish this. NOTE: the organizer may choose not to allow pluses (i.e. 0 is the max allowed).

Removing your RSVP. Remove your RSVP by simply clicking the Remove button.

Post an activity

Rules & Requirements. (a) Anyone can organize and post a social activity, then select the demographic and topics of interest for the people they would like to invite. (Note: you will not be allowed to select specific individuals to invite.) (b) Social activities must be hosted by individual(s) who will facilitate the meeting up and socializing of attendees. Submitted activities will be rejected if they do not have a designated social host for the duration of the event. (c) Small social activities are FREE. For large events, frequent events, and/or for-profit events a fee may be required. If this is the case, you will be contacted.

Post your social activity. From the main menu, click on Social Activities, and then Post an Activity. All fields are required.

    Activity details
  • Title. Enter a short descriptive title for your social activity. Use keywords whenever possible.
  • Start & End Dates. Select the start date and time for your social activity. The end date and time will default to 3 hours after you have selected the start date and time, but you can change it as needed. The Clock & Calendar widget is there to help.
  • Location. Enter the name of the venue (or a description of the location) and a street address. A street address is required in order for attendees to map the location.
  • Max RSVP's. Set the maximum number of people you would like to join (RSVP Yes) to your event, inclucing their pluses (friends).
  • Max Pluses. Pluses are the number of friends your attendees can bring with them. Set the maximum number of friends you will allow your attendees to bring with them.
  • Description. Enter the description of your social activity here. This is a free form field and only minimum formatting is allowed. Remember to answer the three most commonly asked questions. What will everyone be doing? What does everyone need to know? How can everyone find you once they get there?
    Invitation fields & other options
  • Photo. A picture says a thousand words. Select a photo that best depicts your social activity. You can either upload the photo or enter a url for that photo (https only). COPYRIGHT NOTICE: many photos are subject to copyright laws. By submitting a photo, you acknowledge that you have the right to use that photo.
  • Gender. By default you can invite both/all genders to your social activity. You may choose to invite a single gender but it can only be your gender. (For example, a male cannot invite only females to his social, and vice versa.)
  • Age Range. By default the age range is 18 to 99 (i.e. all ages). You may qualify the age range of the people you wish to invite.
  • Location. Select the region or city & state and the radius (in miles) for the location of the people you would like to invite.
  • Interests. The app will try to pull keywords out of your Title and Description fields but these may not be accurate. You should delete and/or enter the topics/interests/keywords that best pertain to your social activity and/or the people you would like to invite.
  • HINT: the more refine your filters are the fewer reach you may have (less quantity) but perhaps a better fit of attendees (more quality).
    NOTE: The fields above are for event invitations only and does not restrict other individuals from RSVP'ing to your social activity.

Host options

Where are the Host/Organizer Options? First, open your social activity. (To find your activity: from the main menu, click on Social Activities, then Your Activities.) Once your social activity is opened, look for a drop-down list that says Host/Organizer Options. On desktops, this will be in the left side panel. On mobile devices, this drop-down will appear in two places: at the top and after the event description. NOTE: some options may not be available after the social has begun (i.e. after the start date and time).

Edit activity. Activity Details: You are allowed to edit all fields in the Activity Details up until the time the activity starts. Invitations & Options: After your social activity is posted (i.e. no longer in DRAFT), invitations will be scheduled to go out. Then changing the Invitation Fields will not change the invitations sent or to be sent; they will only change what is displayed in the posting.

Add co-hosts. NOTE: only those who have RSVP'ed can be selected as a co-host. When you select this option, a checkbox will appear next to each person who has RSVP'ed. Check or uncheck the co-host(s). A co-host will have full access to all Host/Organizer options.

Email Attendees. The host/organizer (or co-host) can send an email to all attendees or individual attendees. NOTE: attendees can only email the host or co-host. Attendees cannot email each other. Currenly, there is no instant messaging feature.

Cancel activity. Cancelling a social activity will remove it from being searchable and stop all RSVP's. NOTE: Those that have RSVP's will NOT be automatically notified. The host should post a comment about the cancellation and the reason for it. A cancelled social activity cannot be edited or reactivated; it can be copied into a new posting.

Report & block

Report a social activity. To report a social activity, open the social activity and then click on the "Report this social activity" link near the bottom. This will take you to the Contact Us page. Please explain why you feel the social activity is inappropriate and/or offensive. We will investigate every report.

Report a comment by a person. To report a comment within a social activity made by an individual, simply click on the Report link next to that person's name. This will take you to the Contact Us page. Please explain why you feel the comment is inappropriate and/or offensive. We will investigate every report.

Report an email from a person. To report an email as a scam, spam, harassment or solicitation forward the entire email to our Support Team (instructions are provided at the bottom of the email). Please explain why you are reporting the email/person so that we may investigate and address the issue correctly.

Block a person from all future communications. Within the email message (from Meet More You) that was forwarded on behalf of the sender, there should be a link to BLOCK THIS PERSON. Simply click on that link and then confirm blocking the person. All future messages to/from that person from the Meet More You app will be blocked.

NOTE: only email communications via our platform can be reported and/or blocked. You can also report a person and/or submit a block request via the Contact Us page. Please provide your email and as much information as possible for investigation.

Edit or delete account

Settings (account options). From the main menu (for pc's this is in the header in the upper right, for mobile devices this the three bars in the upper left), click on your photo, then click on Settings. Select the information and/or preferences you would like to update.

  • Account Info. Here you can change your email or password. Note: if you signed up via Facebook the change password options is not applicable.
  • Member Profile. Select this option to change your name, photo, location and other information on your profile.
  • Notification. Select this option to change your email notifications, including opt'ing out of all email notifications. If you are using the mobile app, you will see additional options pertaining to mobile apps.
  • Delete Account. Select this option to delete your account.

Delete my account. go to Settings (above). Then find the Delete Account option and click on Proceed. Confirm your decision.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I see individual profiles? No. Profiles are only used to match social activities with individuals for targeted invitations. Profiles are not allowed for public browsing.

Can I contact/message a person directly? You can only send an email to the host or co-host. You cannot email other attendees.

Can I hand pick who I want to invite to my social? No. You are only allowed to set filters for the demographic of people you'd like to invite.

How do I share my photos after a social activity? First, the host must mark individuals as "attended" before they are allowed to upload and share social photos. Why? To prevent/deter spammers and scammers. The host can always upload photos.

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